Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan has reaffirmed his commitment to bring out the under privileged and weak segments of the society of the poverty trap by providing them special incentives.   

Addressing a meeting of newly-elected PTI members of the Punjab Assembly in Islamabad he said a state can be transformed into a welfare state only through justice, rule of law and meritocracy.

Imran Khan pointed out that  a party member having spotless character would be nominated for the office of Punjab chief minister adding that he is going to name a young chief minister in Punjab in a day or two and you should all support the nominee. 

He said the decision would be purely based on merit and the candidate of a clean reputation with no single corruption charge will be nominated for the slot.

Imran Khan congratulated the newly elected members of provincial and national assemblies on winning a difficult election and said we have pledged to make Pakistan a welfare state in its truest sense, as established by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) hundreds of years ago.

Imran Khan claimed that since 1970, this was the first time in the country’s history when people voted for an ideology and criticized both PML-N and PPP for deviating from ideology and serving their personal agendas.