Qadri slams protesting politicians

Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has said those alleging fraud and rigging in elections are ‘bricklayers of incumbent Election Commission’.  In a statement issued from here on Wednesday, he said in January 2013, he with thousands of workers long marched from Lahore to Islamabad for the formation of bona-fide Election Commission, so that doors of rigging could be closed for good, but despite national importance, this constitutional issue was ignored. He said every general election of Pakistan since 2002 has been declared fraud and rigged; losers pointed out failures and weaknesses of Election Commissions; but as they got power, same Election Commission became truthful and no effort was made to remove its deficiencies. He said parties now protesting at the Election Commission office against alleged rigging, parliamentary Committee of their members worked on election reforms for two years without any progress. If that committee could work against Islamic belief of finality of Prophet-hood, then why it failed to empower Election Commission through necessary legislation? He said before elections, billions of Rupees were distributed from national exchequer, constituencies were changed, Article 62, 63 were removed from nomination papers; rather every necessary step was taken to acquire desired results. But when all arrangements failed, they are trying to create nuisance. He said PAT has nothing to do with current electoral system, because we believe whole system is rigged and corrupt. He said unless comprehensive reforms are made to empower Election Commission, every loser will refuse to accept mandate of winner.. –Staff Reporter

JI to second Imran’s welfare agenda

JI Senator Sirajul Haq has said that his party would provide full opportunity to the PTI to fulfill its promises made to the people. Talking to different delegations at Mansoora on Wednesday, he said the JI was keenly awaiting the steps Imran Khan had in mind for building Pakistan an Islamic state on the model of the Madina State and liberate the country’s economy from the IMF hold. Sirajul Haq said it was the JI that had suggested to the other parties to join the parliament and the other parties accepted the idea. Besides, he said, some people were in favour of a strong protest but the JI tried to save the country from the 1977 situation to prevent the martial law.  He said that the country could be put on the path of development only through the real supremacy of the parliament and the rule of the law. “ We want the decisions to be taken in the broad day light and not in the darkness of night”, he added. He said if we trust the collective wisdom of the masses, the country would   march forward. –Staff Reporter

Transfers and postings

Punjab Government has issued posting orders of three officers. Agriculture Department Silwat Saeed Additional Secretary has been posted as OSD while Ashiq Hussain Aulakh was posted as Additional Secretary Agriculture. Tariq Mehmood was posted as Additional Secretary Transport Wing of S&GAD. Tariq Mahmood Khan Babar DIG Prisons was approved 28-day leave for Hajj.–Staff Reporter