My heart bleeds as I think of the minor girl who took that joy-turned-death-ride in Askari Park two days ago. The ride was opened on a trial basis and took on board a child below the said age limit. This is not only a consequence of the Park Authority’s carelessness to adhere to proper safety protocols but also of the negligence of the regulatory bodies in our country who are responsible to give a go-ahead to such projects in the first place. Who ensures that safety standards are followed? Do safety standards even exist outside the boundaries of a white paper?

It is a pity that such ventures feed on the section of our society yearning for new public entertainment places to have “fun” with their families. Majority of these people do not even look at the rules and regulations specified by the parks but it is binding upon the operators to make certain that these rules do not go unnoticed. This incident could have easily been prevented had the rules been followed strictly to start with.

SIDRA AYUB, Karachi, July 17.