LAHORE - Almost every road and street is decorated with white and green colour and with flags. Preparations to celebrate 14th August are in full swing. 

The prices of everything get higher and it includes everything whether it is food, clothes or the decorative lights and buntings that are used for Independence Day celebrations.

Children’s shirt whose cost last year was up to Rs300 is now being sold at Rs350. Same is the case with adult’s shirt that was being sold for Rs700 last year is now being sold for Rs800. The small flags which cost Rs15 to Rs20 last year are now being sold for Rs20 to Rs 25. Different kind of badges that last year cost Rs 5 to Rs 15 now cost ranges between Rs 10 and Rs 20. Big flags with rod that cost between Rs 130 to Rs 150 now are being sold between the range of Rs 150 and Rs 170.

“My mother makes the kheer, and we all sit in the terrace and enjoy it. Then my cousins come and visit us. They also bring some flags and we decorate our terrace. At night the entire family members gather for dinner,” said Laiba Azhar a customer at Ganpat Road, which is the main whole sale market for all stuff related to Independence Day celebrations.

“We buy shirts and flags for our children. In the evening we go out to celebrate the Independence Day. We visit the historical places, eat desi food, and we always visit the Minar-e-Pakistan to see the fireworks,” mother of five children Sadia Tariq, who lives in Samanabad and had come for shopping at Ganpat Road, explained. She lamented that the prices were higher this year. “People have no choice but to buy them as the children are so enthusiastic to celebrate the day,” Sadia said.   Most of the buyers were children whose patriotic spirits knew no bounds. They could be seen purchasing different badges, caps and posters of the heroes of Pakistan. Some of them were buying the stocks in large numbers. When questioned they said they would set up stalls in their neighbourhood.

Shopkeepers at Gunpat road are selling their goods at increased rate.   “The rates of the goods this year has increased by Rs 40 to Rs 100 per item,” shopkeeper and wholesale dealer Farhan Ahmed said.  He said the number of customers is large as compared to the previous year.