KARACHI - Administrative Judge of anti terrorist courts on Wednesday remanded a factory worker Saleem Shahzad who held other workers at gunpoint inside a factory, in the police custody for four days. Investigation Officer produced the accused before the court and informed that the suspect Saleem Shahzad was arrested in a case pertaining attempt to murder and police encounter and a case was launched under ATA 1997 against him, the accused was also charged for encounter with police. The court on the request of the IO sent the accused in the police custody for further interrogation.

After the court proceeding, Saleem Shahzad talked to the media informally, he said that he had no other option to get his dues from the factory management wherein he had worked as labour, he added that the way which he had chosen was illegal and he felt guilty but he had no choice as the factory management. He said that he did not take the company workers as hostage he only did it with the management which were responsible for not paying him his salaries.

The suspect had been sacked from his job but he had not been given his dues he took hostage co-workers and account officials at gun point and claiming to have a bag full of explosives, he had demanded of clearance of dues.

He asked one of the hostages to make a video from his mobile phone the video shows the man sitting on a table holding a pistol and was demanding payment of his dues which include two month salary. As soon as the news was carried by different television channels, a heavy police contingent reached the site and encircled the entire area. Police assured him of settling the issue and asked him to surrender first. Police also called its Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) while Pakistan Rangers also arrived at the factory. The factory owners were also assuring him for the payment of dues as well as re-instatement into job.

Accused, Saleem said that he was working at the factory a machine as operator, the machine however developed fault ,  The factory owners blamed him for damage to the machine and sacked him while his salary for two months, amounting to rupees 30,000  was adjusted against damage to the machine.