In every classroom, there are three kinds of students; frontbenchers, middle benchers, backbencher. Mostly, frontbenchers succeed in school or college life as they will pass the examination with good marks. On the other hand, backbenchers pass it with poor marks or fail. So, for this reason, they are called losers in their school or college carrier and teachers always shout at them.

Maybe toppers are successful in school or college carrier but backbenchers are successful in their life because toppers run according to books while backbenchers don’t follow rules and regulation that is why backbenchers are successful. For life, there are no books and another reason why toppers can’t succeed because they fear failure and don’t try anything new. Backbenchers don’t fear failure as they have faced the failure in their school or college carrier so that is the reason they try new things and at last gain success.

As Abdul Kalam nicely quoted, “The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom”.

Mostly, we can notice that backbenchers are employers and toppers are employees, this is because toppers get good degrees and eagerly settle on small jobs without knowing that job is good for them. On the other side, backbenchers don’t get good degrees, they struggle day and night and become big politicians or businessmen. Some take the teachers words as a challenge and work hard till they complete their challenge.

My suggestion for teachers is that they must not say such words which demotivate the students. An example is of Thomas Edison, who was expelled from the school since he was very weak in reading. When he asked his mother why he was taken out of school, his mother replied, “You are a genius and that school doesn’t have good enough teachers to teach you.” Thomas Edison said that if his mother had not told those words to him, it would have been impossible for him to be successful.