Climate change has been a global issue and its changes have various effects on human. Human activities cause the earth temperature to rise and by the rising temperature sea level gets high and flood and disaster take place. There are several factors which lead to high temperatures such as air pollution, the smoke of vehicles, factories smoke and etc. which have the worst impact on the ozone layer and it is getting weaker by the passage of time. Ozone layer destruction allows the adverse rays of the sun to come on earth which leads to high-level temperature.

Nonetheless, Pakistan is the 8th most affected country in the world from climate change and has become a water shortage country because her reservoirs can store water equivalent to 30 days of consumption whereas the minimum standard requirement is 120 days. Two years ago, the heat-wave caused 1200 lives in Karachi and now this heat-wave is rising again. The temperature in Nawab Shah in Sindh recorded in April 2018 was the highest temperature ever recorded globally.

Since 2010 flood and hydro-disasters affected 20 million Pakistanis directly. Flood in some areas while the shortage of water in areas such as Tharpakar is all because of climate change.

Thus, Imran Khan’s government is really appreciable in this regard that promised to plant 10 billion trees during its five years tenure. Obviously, this will bring a drastic change and I request other private sectors organizations to help Imran Khan in this regard.