Communication skill is the loftiest skill that makes you able to convey your thoughts or feelings to others brilliantly. Thou, it is a powerful weapon that enhances your thoughts to be part of a communication network. As our peaceful religion (Islam) says that teachers are spiritual parents. Regretfully, I am so ashamed to say that most teachers of Pakistan are so far to be called spiritual parents. Instead of helping students in communication skill, they are shattering their confidence. Teachers have created fear in the minds of the students by their strictness that doesn’t let them talk or communicate with their classmates. So, this is the main reason which shatters the communication skill of students that is why people observe that most of the educated people can’t clear job’s interview and students can’t pass the interview of CSS and other valuable exams because they lack the confidence to communicate.

I have a humble request to the teachers that students are the pillars of a nation. Without them, the nation would not progress so please teach the students as they are your children and try to finish communication Gap.