ISLAMABAD     -    Days after the residents of the federal capital spotted the hanging banners in support of the recent Indian decisions regarding Kashmir, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Thursday came up with a bizarre explanation of the issue, saying it was the outcome of an error by the designer.

  “Banners investigation [has been] completed. Everyone associated [has been] arrested, statements recorded.

It is mainly an issue of a technical misunderstanding/error by the designer. The intention was to highlight the expansionist/hegemonic aims of India. Our enemies can’t dare to take such a step,” Deputy Commissioner Islamabad took to twitter to explain what actually the issue was.

It is to mention here that the local police had booked unknown persons for the crime which the FIR said was bound to provoke sentiments of the people.

The explanation lacks substance and logic as it looked a planned attempt to undermine struggle of Kashmiri people and the statement purportedly of a Shiv Sena leader printed on the banners was quite clear in its meanings.

The sudden appearance of the banners on the city roads had literally mystified the local police and administration and they found themselves nowhere in the wake of what the residents believed was criminal negligence on part of the intelligence agencies. But the explanation finds not guilty any of the government apparatus but the designer.

The explanation was not taken well on the social media as a tweet expressed astonishment on the statement of the DC. “Wow! Wow! Top-notch bureaucrat at its best. If they had such good intentions of exposing India plz name the heroes.

Faced technical error while designing, then publishing dozens of copies and again while distributing them. Designer, publisher, advertiser everyone was illiterate,” read the tweet in reply to the DC’s explanation.