ISLAMABAD - The government has accrued Rs57,714 million from the Asset Declaration Scheme that was launched to give people an opportunity to declare their undeclared assets by paying a certain amount of tax on them, the Ministry of Finance informed the National Assembly (NA)in writing on Thursday.

However, the tax amount of Rs8,081 million collected under the present scheme will be deposited till June 30, 2020 along with default surcharge.

The Ministry of Finance, however, clarified to the NA that the main purpose of the Asset Declaration Ordinance 2019 was documentation of the economy.

In an effort to dispel the general impression about the rising prices of basic commodities, the ministry informed the House that the government was fully cognizant of its responsibility to make life of the common man easier.

It further said that adjustments in the prices of different essential items and services had not been made at the behest of International Monetary Fund (IMF) or any other institution. “The rise in prices is due to market forces,” it added.

The ministry informed the House that the government had taken a number of concrete steps for improving the living standards of people belonging to the underprivileged segment of the society.

, adding that Ehsaas Programme had been launched to bridge gap between the rich and poor by investing in people and developing backward areas of the country.