KARACHI      -    There is a sheer police disorder in Sindh after introduction of the new police order, said Haleem Adil Sheikh, president of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter, here on Thursday.

Flanked by PTI Sindh General Secretary Mehfooz Ursani, MPA Raja Azhar, PTI leader Haji Muzaffar Shuja and others at a press conference at Insaf House, he said the PPP government in Sindh had made police its personal maid. He said that two hardened criminals were arrested yesterday but they were released the very next day on the orders of the Sindh chief minister. He said “we want independent police in Sindh, but our dream has yet to materialise”.

Haleem said that brother of PPP leader Rafiq Jamali was stealing electricity when a Sepco team raided his house. He said he allegedly kidnapped and tortured the Sepco team, but a case has yet to be registered against him. He said that Dadu SSP has refused to lodge an FIR against the accused because Sindh Police are now personal servants of PPP rulers. He said the Sindh government has ruined the anti-corruption department. He said the ministry of Saeed Ghani was washed away by just one rain. He said the Sindh government embezzled Rs495 billion in six years in the name of development. He said the senior leader of PPP Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah made illegal property of more than Rs500 billion from the money accumulated through corrupt practices.

He said that now SSPs have to visit Chief Minister’s House for their transfers and postings. He said that four PTI MPAs were tortured after enforcement of the new police order. He said that a police officer used foul language against one of the PTI MPAs. He said that like the government of Sindh now Sindh Police were becoming a useless entity. He said “we will not accept this politicised police or allow it to commit atrocities against people. He said the Sindh Police IG has made a compromise and become a pawn of the provincial rulers.

Haleem said in last monsoon Karachi and several other cities faced urban flooding and now a new spell of rains is coming but the government of Sindh has no plan to cope with any kind of rain emergency. He said that rainwater is still present in district East and West Karachi, as well as, Hyderabad. He said the government did not clean drains. He said that disaster management is practically not present in Sindh. He said the chief minister has already confessed to his failure and he should tender resignation before the new rain spell starts. He said that former president Asif Ali Zardari is talking about another no-confidence motion in Senate, but he should think about the provincial government of Sindh.

He said medicines are not present even at Chandka Medical College Hospital, what to say about other hospitals. He said from Syed Murad Ali Shah to Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah every PPP leader is tainted with corruption. He said the federal government is working on a fast track basis for development of Sindh. He said we have made a plan to end water shortage in Karachi, Laar and coastal areas. He said that construction of Sindh Barrage will help in saving river water from being released into the sea. He said this project, which is 65 kilometres from Thatta and 130 kilometres from Karachi, would be initiated within a month and completed by 2022.

PTI leader Haji Muzafar Shujra said that in past the PPP had played Sindh card but now it cannot do so. He said the provincial government in Sindh is a failure.

PTI Sindh general secretary Mehfooz Ursani said the agriculture sector in the province is in shambles and water availability situation is dismal. He said stagnant rainwater could spread many diseases if not drained out on time.