“The youth of any nation are the trustees of posterity”. This quote elucidates the importance of youth for any nation. But unfortunately, in Pakistan, our youth has instigated other ways that portray the negative image of this nation on social media. I have gone through several pages and groups on social media where in case of conflict, our youth frequently and openly uses abusive language in majestic tone. Social media gives us the leverage of freedom of speech but apparently, it does not provide us with the etiquettes to express ourselves in a pleasant way.

Our comments on social media narrate our mentality and way of thinking. But, our youth is acquiring the tool of social media for all the wrong reasons. If one feels eminent when humiliating others with castigating tone, then it is the dilemma of our etiquettes and sustenance that persuades one towards this ugly vase. Pakistan is the only country with 65% of its youth below 30 years of age. But when I go on social media, I see many of us keep brewing among ourselves without paying any heed to the consequences or moral obligation.

Social media today is, annihilating our custom of etiquettes to its core. Verbal abuse and calling out names on social media agitate anyone with a moral conscience and left one thinking, how could Pakistan progress with so much negativity and youth who doesn’t know how to express themselves with appropriate words. If we keep on paying a deaf ear to this gruesome tradition then one can easily forecast that our youth will lead to this nation’s downfall.