The US president in his recent tweets while referring to four progressive democratic congresswomen of colour, known as “The Squad” on capitol Hill, said that they originally came from crime infested countries whose governments are complete and total catastrophe, and they should, therefore, go back there and fix their countries of origin first. It is pertinent to mention that all of them are natural-born citizens of the US but Ilhan Omar who became naturalized. Still, according to the US constitution, this does not make her any less important when it comes to rights and duties of the citizens.

The Trump’s comments drew condemnation from the House of Representatives, but the efforts of democratic representative Al Green who filed Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump accusing him of bringing the presidency of the United States in contempt, ridicule, disgrace, and disrepute failed due to lack of support from the democratic leadership. Later, Trump said at a rally in North Carolina that if they are not happy here, they can leave, alluding to the same congresswomen again. Racist slogans of “send her back” were chanted in the same gathering. Encouraged by the outcome of the rally, Trump blatantly celebrated a political victory saying many people approved of his (racist) tweets.

Though the president distanced himself from “Send her (Ilhan Omar) back” slogan, many of his close associates label her as a hater of America, anti-Semitic and pro-Al-Qaida, and show support for such illegitimate demands. On the other hand, Ilhan Omar has vowed to take the bull by the horns and continue to be a nightmare for the present US administration whose polices, she says, are a nightmare to them.

Blatant racism, white nationalism and supremacism, and xenophobia are being promoted by the inhabitant of highest place in the United State. According to Trump, violent crimes in big cities of America are predominantly carried out by black and Hispanics, while Mexicans are drugs dealer, criminal and rapists. He is known to be an enthusiastic apologist for Islamophobia. His hard line stance on immigration and border control, detention of immigrants in inhumane conditions, separation of parents from their children and putting them behind bars, all reek of racialism, ethno nationalism, and shadeism. Only in March this year, 100,000 immigrants were apprehended by the US Customs and Border Patrol Agents at the border with Mexico. While according to a new rule introduced by the Trump Administration, asylum to all those people who cross the southern border without having applied for protection in the third country will stand denied from the outset. Thankfully, this rule has been blocked for the time being by a federal judge.

After that, he further stirred up the controversy by calling Baltimore, which is a city with large African-American population, a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess and termed it worse than Honduras. Trump’s racist attributes have come so much to the lime light that he had to publically declare that he was the least racist person on the earth. Trump’s radical rhetoric has been inspiring many, from New Zealand and Australia to Europe and America, to commit hate crimes.

Early this month the person who killed 22 people ruthlessly at El Paso, Texas, is believed to have travelled hundreds of miles to target a Hispanic-majority city with the purpose of responding to the so called Hispanic invasion of Texas. Only in 2018, at least 50 brutal killings were linked to white nationalist groups. Incidence of such crimes may certainly increase when these get tacit approval from those who must have never let it happened in the first place. For instance, when clashes broke out between alt-right protestors and counter protestors at Charlottesville in 2017, Trump’s reaction was mixed and discouraging, and he publically said that there were fine people on both sides, blatantly showing soft corner for white supremacists.

When the highest office holder in the country takes pleasure in ridiculing others on the basis of race and colour, the message which gets across to each segment of the society can only be termed dangerous and divisive. Intentionally or unintentionally, Trump has been undermining the very strength of the US society, which is universally known as a “melting pot”, by polarizing it and creating rifts within for political expediency. It has been noted that following his racist tweets, popularity of Trump rose by 5 % among the republicans.

As the next presidential elections draw closer, he is likely to resort to more radical rhetoric. After all, it was the white supra-nationalists for whom the victory of Donald trump was a cause of great celebrations in 2016.

In international affairs, Trump’s only concern has been to ‘’make America great again’’ even if international norms are challenged or deviated from while doing so. He seems to have adopted a similar attitude to issues within the borders of the United States i.e. favoring only people of his own race and colour.

The writer is a freelance contributor.


Blatant racism, white nationalism and suprem

acism, and xenophobia are being promoted by the

inhabitant of highest place in the United State.