COVID-19 is causing many people to lose their jobs. PM Imran Khan has started the Ehsas Emergency Program to facilitate daily wagers who are out of jobs by providing 15,000 per month. But the money was only given for one month and was not continued forward. 

Due to no preventive measures taken at the start to curb this pandemic, and now again the heavy burden of a new budget on the shoulders of the poor and daily wagers, many are deprived of a sufficient lifestyle. This has also raised the rate of domestic violence due to depression and other such cognitive issues resulting from COVID-19. It is globally reported that domestic violence has increased amid this lockdown. 

The brutality against females has also risen. Recently, girls were killed by their brothers in the name of honour in Waziristan; these illiterate people deem women to be a curse. The government should introduce such programs to entertain daily workers. The government still has ample time in their hands to take the best measures to eradicate COVID-19 and bring positive schemes to facilitate poor people and eliminate domestic violence.