Faisalabad - Under Monsoon Emergency Plan, the desilting of 1957 kilometers sewerage lines and rain drains is being carried out by WASA Faisalabd during gigantic campaign. The 105 mechanical vehicles and different kinds of other machines including heavy manpower are being utilised during this drive for removal of every obstacle might be confronted in speedy disposal of rainwater. Faisalabd Development Authority (FDA) Director General (DG) Muhammad Suhail Khawaja along with WASA Managing Director (MD) Jabbar Anwar visited various sites including Warispura and adjoining areas to check the quality of cleanliness and performance of staff in this regard.  He urged upon the WASA officers for ensuring quality desilting of sewer lines and drains and said that the benefits of desilting campaign should be achieved for prompt disposal of rainwater and for maintaining sewage systems functional on permanent basis as well to avoid any complaint of over flow of manholes.

He appreciated the courage and performance of sewer staff busy in desilting of deep manholes by wearing gas masks. He said that the desilting campaign was very important and significant for better service delivery and the quality cleanliness of sewer lines and drains was the source of goodwill and outstanding performance of WASA. He directed the special attention be put on low lying areas and all out arrangements should be put on high alert to drain out rainwater without any delay. He stressed upon keeping active of WASA Monsoon Emergency Camps in the city and said that complaints of the citizens received in control room should be redressed immediately. He hoped that the WASA performance would be sighted to the citizens excellent than that of previous. WASA MD Jabbar Anwar informed that the desilting of more than 75000 manholes had been completed against the target of total 114910 manholes of trunk sewers, secondary sewers and branch sewers in the city.



  He said that the desilting campaign was also carrying out at the night time to complete the task without any hindrance.  

He maintained that 17 sore points had been identified with regards to accumulation of rainwater and special extra ordinary arrangements had been made to tackle the emergency situation. Adding he informed that 9 Monsoon Emergency Camps were working in the city besides speedy redressal of routine public complaints.