ISLAMABAD - National Locust Control Centre (NLCC) here on Saturday said that no warning was received from Food and Agriculture Organization for commencement of locust migration from Horn of Africa (HOA).

 It said that locust threat from HOA has considerably subsided. After mid-August if no sign of migration towards Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in South-West Asia (SWAC) is observed, the threat from HOA is not likely to materialize.

However, FAO recommends to stay on guard, and be vigilant till 15 August, it added.

 The desert locust present in Ethiopia and Kenya is likely to migrate towards Sudan instead of Somalia, adding that threat from Afghanistan to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan has been mentioned by Afghan Authorities which is still notconfirmed by FAO.

 About the locust threat for Balochistan Province, it said that in light of prevailing climatic conditions and availability of vegetation in HOA threat level has reduced and threat from Afghanistan is not likely to materialize due to opposite wind directions.

Areas of Lasbela and Uthal districts require a continuous survey effort for early detection of any presence. It further said that based on wind direction and presence in Rajasthan and Gujarat (India), districts of Sindh like Eastern Ghotki and Southern Tharparka may receive desert Locust settlements, adding that no inter district or inter provincial migration perceived.

It said that any migration from Tharparkar towards India may be reported immediately. In Punjab, immature adults from Rajasthan is expected including Chishtian (Bahawalnagar) Hasilpur, Yazman and Bahawalpur(Bahawalpur)Liaqatpur and Sadiqabad (Rahim Yar Khan). Direction of arrows to be carefully followed settlement in the line, even 10-15 Kms ahead of terminal point at suitable habitat is possible.