LAHORE The mausoleum of Khan-e-Jahan Bahadur Zafar Jang Kokaltash, situated next to Royal Palm Golf and Country Club on the Canal Road, is rapidly decaying due to negligence of archaeology department. The octagonal tomb of Bahadur Zafar Jang Kokaltash, a lofty double-dome mausoleum, is losing its beauty due to lack of conservation. The tomb, which is built with chiselled bricks, is in a fair state of conservation as most parts of its arches have cracked with the passage of time. One arch pillar is vanished while the archaeology department has supported the dome with temporary pillar made of bricks. Situated near the railway crossing the Canal Road, the mausoleum is protected under the Punjab Special Premises Act of 1975. The structure was administratively fallen under the federal governments jurisdiction. However, after passage of 18th amendment of the Constitution, the federal archaeology department had been devolved and all archaeological sites had been handed over to the Punjab Archaeology Department (PAD). According the officials of PAD, the mausoleum of Bahadur Zafar Jang Kokaltash was handed over to them some four months ago. They said they had a plan to conduct a survey of all devolved monuments. They said hopefully in the next budget they would allocate funds for preservation of the tomb. It may be mentioned here that the historical monuments have become a den of addicts. The department concerned even do not bother to depute a watchman there. According to a local, a part of tombs land had been also grabbed by some influential people. Khan-e-Jahan Bahadur Zafar Jang was among the nobles in Aurangzeb Alamgirs period. He was appointed the subedar of Punjab on April 11, 1691, but was dismissed in the middle of 1693. He died on November 23, 1697. Khan-e-Jahan Bahadur Zafar Jang Kokaltash was a high ranking officer during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb Alamigir. Having original name Mir Malik Hussain, he was Aurungzebs foster brother and a noble in the imperial court. Mir Malik Hussain led an intriguing life aside the Emperor. In 1673, he was appointed governor of Deccan. He rebuilt the fortress of Surat to fight against Shivaji.