PESHAWAR – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information, Mian Iftikhar Hussain has said that being a follower of Fakhr-e-Afghan Bacha Khan and social worker, he devoted his whole life to the welfare and selfless services of the ailing humanity.

He said that continuation of this sacred task and establishment of Mian Rashid Hussain Shaheed Foundation was a step forward towards this direction. This he stated while receiving IT equipments from provincial Minister for IT, Muhammad Ayub Khan, donated by Micro Innovation Technologies, in IT Company for Mian Rashid Hussain Shaheed Foundation at Peshawar, the other day. The equipments included two laptops, one scanner, one printer and one fax-machine.

The minister while referring to the martyrdom of his only son Mian Rashid Hussain Shaheed for this soil said this soil is our mother and we all were its sons. He added that we would offer every sacrifice for its protection. He said that Mian Rashid Hussain Shaheed was his only son who sacrificed for this land but if he has 10 sons, he would not hesitate to offer their sacrifices also.

Mian Iftikhar continued that side-by-side Mian Rashid Hussain Shaheed Foundation, he was also intending to set up a model orphanage like Turkey as joint venture with provincial minister for social welfare, Sitara Ayaz where the orphans and helpless people would be given treatment on modern lines so as they could enter into their practice life with dignity and honour. He while thanking the Micro-Innovation Technologies for donation to Mian Rashid Hussain Shaheed Foundation, also appealed to the philanthropists as well as governmental and non-government organisations to help him in this noble mission as it was the success in this and after world.

The minister maintained that Mian Rashid Hussain Shaheed Foundation was a welfare organisation which would be run with support of the people and which provide social services in different fields. He added that people could contact on 091-9213490-2 for any help or suggestions.