MULTAN - Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar has said that Pakistani Taliban have no existence and American agents are committing terrorism in tribal areas.

Addressing the JI workers here on Saturday, he added that the arrest of Raymond Davis proved that the Americans caused terrorism in Pakistan. "The recovery of 30 cellphone sims from his possession and confirmation of his ties with the terrorists is not just condemnable but also a glowing evidence against America," he added. He regretted that the rulers bowed down before the US as usual and released Davis instead of taking action against him.

He said that the days of lion and arrow had gone and now the masses should elect true democratic, honest, patriot and real leadership. He added that it was only JI that could steer the country out of prevailing crisis. He stressed upon the masses to practice the religion in all fields of life instead of restricting it to mere religious rituals.

He pointed out that corruption worth billions was being committed in the country as a result of which national economy crumbled. "If the masses still go for PPPP or N League, they'll have to face even worst crises," he warned. He said that the rulers proved a complete failure as they deprived masses of even last bite. He maintained that the ongoing power crisis completely ruined industry and trading in the country, resulting into joblessness of millions of labourers. He asked the masses to use their vote sensibly so that a good leadership can come forth.

STUDENTS URGED TO GET KNOWLEDGE: Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Vice Chancellor Dr Kh Alqama stressed upon the students on Tuesday to acquire knowledge of history and develop relation with the book as they were to take the reign of the country into their hands in coming days.

Addressing an Entrepreneurship seminar organised by Pak-US Alumni Multan Chapter, he further asked the students to gain knowledge of political and Islamic history and adopt the habit of reading. He said that the young generation should prepare itself for facing the West and challenges being posed by the fast-changing world. He said that the knowledge of languages had become a must in today's business world, asking the students of MBA and BBA to acquire this knowledge.

He drew the attention of students towards prevailing business conditions in the world and asked them to keep eye on the business policies of the US, West, India and Bangla Desh for becoming successful businessmen. "It is possible if you have knowledge. That's why I ask the youth to lay the foundation of a knowledge-based Pakistan," he added.