Quranic Manuscript Gallery: This gallery will offer historical development in Quranic manuscripts through ages. It will also focus the impact of Naskh in the subcontinent and emergence of Naskh-e-Hindi.

Old is Gold: This gallery is dedicated to the art pieces of the Mughal and post Mughal periods in the sub-continent. A corner will be reserved or the innovations introduced by the renowned calligraphist Abdul Majid Pervin Raqm.

Golden Letters: Letters and words are designed according to geometrical as well as golden ratio. This proportional system adds beauty to calligraphy and its standard. This gallery will represent the beautiful shapes and their scales.

Master Strokes: Specimens of art p ieces of world renowned masters of calligraphy in form of digital prints will be displayed. This will cater both the connoisseurs and artists alike.

Contemporary works: The work of prominent contemporary calligraphists will be displayed in this gallery. It will represent trends and tendencies in calligraphy which help us determining calligraphy’s status in the age of globalization.

Aks-e-Jamal: The art of calligraphy is not confined to only pen and paper. Its very imprints are found in architecture, handicrafts, coins ornaments, metal plaques, glass, wood and ceramics. This gallery is dedicated to above-mentioned articles.

Signature Wall: The signatures of the artists show their excellence in the field of calligraphy. This exhibition will also establish a mural containing the signatures of the renowned calligraphists of the world.