Executive Director HEC Mr Naqvi after eight year tenure has received another extension for four more years by the Chairman of HEC Mr Javed Laghari. This is an illegal extension breaking all the rules and regulations of HEC. The advertisement for the post of new executive director was also published in various newspapers and more than 27 candidates applied, but surprisingly, without taking any interviews or written tests the Chairman HEC Javed Laghari gave the extension and imposed his decision in an urgent meeting called by him. No doubt this is clear favoritism by the Chairman HEC. One must dare ask why no interviews were conducted. It is necessary to mention that as per HEC rules a third extension is illegal.

However, when the Prime Minister, who is the superior decision making authority of HEC intervened in the matter and stopped the illegal extension, Mr Javed Laghari started criticizing the government. However, he has forgotten that he was selected and appointed by the same government. The appointment for the post of new Executive Director of HEC should be made through open and fair competition, as per merit, not by the choice of Chairman HEC.


Karachi, December 5.