PESHAWAR – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President, Mian Nawaz Sharif has nominated Khwaja Mohammad Khan Hoti as central senior vice president of the party on Saturday.

Besides, Khwaja Hoti will also assume charge of being chairman of Inter Provincial Coordination Committee, says a press release issued here. He has been directed to shoulder the responsibilities. Mr Hoti, after quitting the PTI as its central senior vice president weeks back, formally announced joining PML-N on December 3 last at a press conference in the presence of Nawaz Sharif.

When asked about appointing Khwaja Hoti as the party central senior vice president, who has joined the party just a few days back, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Secretary General Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said that there is no bar in the party’s constitution appointing someone on party office, whether he had joined the party earlier or a few days back.

Apart from, it is also discretionary power of the party president to make any decision in this regard. It is clear that there is no any prohibition to making any appointment, he added.

He said that the party has not only nominated Mr.Hoti as the party central senior vice president, but also as a chairman of the party’s inter provincial coordination committee. It is worth to mention here that PML-N has also nominated Ameer Muqam as the party’s senior vice president soon after joining the party after quitting PML-Q. At present, PML-N has two central senior vice presidents from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.