ISLAMABAD - Gone are the days when Pakistan used to rule the world of sports and have the likes of Shahnaz Sheikh, Hasan Sardar, Manzoor Junior, Hanif Khan, Samiullah, Shehbaz senior and many more world class players in all most all the sporting fields and they used to send shivers in the ranks of all the oppositions irrespective of any particular sports.

Same thing happened in the current Champions Trophy men's semi-final where the Netherlands hammered green shirts 5-2, Pakistan Hockey Federation tall claims started to surface once again soon after the green shirts enter the semi-final of the event after a gap of 8 years. Pakistan were 1-0 down when the game entered only into the second minute of the match, Dutch's doubled their lead in the 20th minute. Pakistan pull one back in the 23rd minute, courtesy of an own goal, but the Dutch restored their two goals advantage in the 32nd minute. Pakistan went into the break 3-1 down. The Dutch scored in the 45th minute and they replaced their number 1 goalie, late goals from each side resulted in comfortable 5-2 Netherlands victory.

Changed rules were continuously altered including introduction of Astroturf (a good thing in the end, but basically, because Europeans could not match the Asian skills and drills on grass so they opted for easy option), off side rule, turning etc., and resultantly somewhat parity was drawn between European hockey and the Asians, extremely biased umpiring especially against Pakistan team compensated whatever was left.

Many unwanted fouls and decisions went against the green shirts. Furthermore, tremendously influenced political set-ups in all sports virtually killed all the sports and hockey is no exception.

It is the high time PHF must make right decisions and include genuine players, if team selection is based on performances; Pakistanis are more than capable of lifting major trophies in a short span of time.