Every year, Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) announces numerous posts in different departments under generally accepted principles of Government of Sindh. As per recent policy of SPSC, one has to apply online only. It’s really strange in a country such as Pakistan which does not have equal amenities in all its cities and villages to expect students or applicants to apply on line? Or are these jobs open to only people who have Internet? Since Internet facility is not available to everyone and the online form is beyond comprehension and very complicated it leaves a large segment of educated but jobless youth unable to apply for these coveted jobs. A new business has flourished with typists who can fill out these forms and charge a very high fee, applicants stand in queue for hours. This method has been introduced for the first time in Sindh. It is really difficult for those local candidates who have completed their Master’s degree but don’t use computers, and for those who do not have the knowledge or money to buy and operate a computer.

Because of existing obstacles and misunderstanding created by the incompetent management of Sindh Public Service Commission many people had to suffer , not only did they lose the money they also lost the opportunity of getting a job. The government has to set up all these rules to fleece the poor on every level? You have to pay the dues before you can apply. I would like to request the government of Sindh and SPSC to make extensions in application dates. Further, I request them to adopt both the postal system and the new online application systems. I sincerely hope that the commission would listen to our voices.


Karachi, December 4.