ISLAMABAD – After London’s Metropolitan Police raid on MQM’s Edgware Town office on Friday in connection with the assassination of Dr Imran Farooq, the Foreign Office stated that it would be wrong to prematurely infer anything from the raid.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Foreign Office voiced hope that the British probe would help dispel all misgivings about the MQM.

It said the MQM was not only an ally of the government but it also represented all secular forces of the country.

Dr Farooq was an outstanding MQM leader. He was murdered outside his home in Edgware, London, as he was on way back from work on September 16, 2010. He disappeared from Pakistan in 1992 and was living in London since 1999, when he claimed asylum in the United Kingdom. Farooq’s party, the MQM, said it would offer the police any help to find the killers.