SINGAPORE-People have long chosen to live on the water in house boats, but this design for a floating house adds a whole new current of luxury to marine living. Easily docked at a marina or pier, the mobile structure can in theory be easily transported to whatever picturesque spot its owner wishes.

Best of all, its carefully considered design offers residents beautiful, unobstructed views, wherever they choose to moor up. The floating house was designed by Singapore-based architect Myitr Malcew for H2ORIZON, a French developer that specialists in floating structures. Built on top of a buoyant platform, it boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen with bar, all encircled by large terraces. Thanks to a system of columns and glass curtain walls, the roof appears to float on top and inhabitants can enjoy panoramic views of whatever harbour they have chosen as a venue. Mobile outdoor claustras and wooden sliding panels offer protection from prying eyes whenever residents want a little more privacy.

Mr Malcew writes that the house was ‘designed for people who appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep.’ He adds: ‘The concept of the floating house is inspired by nature, openness and luxurious yet easy lifestyle. The seamless connection with surroundings is achieved with minimal intervention, offering highest level of sustainability. ‘The base of the house is constructed of floating platform, and can be easily moved from one place to another which gives great flexibility of location. ‘Also the internal arrangement of the house including size, program, materials and finishes can be customized depending on client needs.’­