On February 23, 2013 the CSS exams were conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission in which 11,406 candidates appeared. After a surprisingly long wait of nine months finally on November 20, 2013 the result was announced that proved a nightmare for majority of candidates as only 2% i.e. 238 candidates out of 11,406 qualified for the written portion of the exam. The ratio of candidates who passed would obviously further decrease after medical, psychological and interview results. It is pertinent to mention here, it was the worst result in history.

Immediately after conducting exams, it was revealed that in Faisalabad center numerous copies were tempered and replaced with the alleged involvement of local postal authorities that made the entire exams suspicious. However, instead of re-taking entire exams from all candidates, some candidates were given especial concession to re-appear in the exams and on August 19, 2013, the CSS exams were re-conducted from those candidates. It is necessary to mention here that the enquiry of entire matter is still in process and no finding has so far been announced by the FIA in this scenario and also under what justification some candidates were given another chance to re-appear in exams?

On enquiring about CSS exams the candidates were told that a ‘Secret Cell’ in FPSC handled the CSS exams including checking of copies. Surprisingly nobody knows how many members are working in this Secret Cell? What representations are given to the provinces in this Secret Cell of CSS? On what criteria or law this Secret Cell is working?

On one hand, the provincial assemblies were passing ‘Right of Information bill’ to make accessible the information to the common public, on other hand such ‘Secret Cell’ is making suspicious the reputable exams like CSS. Some questions that everyone is asking are why were the result of CSS exams announced so late, after nine months? Whereas in previous years it was announced within few months! First time in the history, the total number of seats is higher than the passing candidates, so what about filling the remaining vacant seats?

I dare to ask why is that within one year our county has lost all talented people? (As last year’s result been far better) or is it a trick of ‘face saving’ from Faisalabad scam? No doubt majority of candidates considered the entire result suspicious including the factor of deliberate harsh checking. I hope that some responsible person in the government will look into the matter as it concerns the future of so many of our young aspiring candidates and come up with some answers!


Karachi, December 7.