WELLINGTON - Former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns on Sunday challenged ICC to contact him directly after being linked with match-fixing allegations and lashed out at media for maligning his name. In an article in the 'Dominion Post', Cairns spoke about the pain he is going through after his name resurfaced in the fixing allegations. Cairns had last year won a libel suit against then IPL chairman Lalit Modi, who had alleged in a tweet that the Kiwi all rounder was involved in fixing and that was the reason for barring him from IPL auction.

Cairns on Sunday challenged ICC to approach him if he was under investigation and his "accusers" to come forward of they had "guts". "Of course I want this garbage to stop, and stop quickly. But I never hid on the cricket field and I'm not hiding now. I'm proud of my reputation and I'm proud of my family name. My "accusers" know my name even if I don't know theirs. They are the ones hiding. "My name is Chris Cairns, former Black Cap and proud holder of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Hello International Cricket Council, I am not a cheat and you know where to find me," Cairns wrote in his article. The Kiwi, who was part of Sky TV commentary team before being linked with fixing allegations, said he thought his ordeal was over after winning that case against Modi.

"I left those proceedings with my credibility and reputation intact. I thought I could start to rebuild my life, seek gainful employment and start again. ... Can you begin to imagine how sickening it feels to be the subject of yet more rumour and press speculation now as I am embarking on a media career that is potentially in ruins?

".... What do I say about the allegations? I say what allegations? As I pen this article, no one from the International Cricket Council or NZ Cricket has approached me about this investigation.”

 Yet I am named around the world as one of three NZ cricket players involved in it. But until I am notified by the ICC that I am involved in this investigation, how are media around the world allowed to print such an incorrect account of the current facts?

He also promised to co-operate in any enquiry. "My position is that I have always said and continue to say that I will fully co-operate with all enquiries and that if it is alleged against me that I have match fixed this is wholly, completely and totally untrue, accepting, of course, that if allegations are made they must be fully and properly investigated.

".....We don't have trial by media or by innuendo. The ICC has not named me and NZ cricket say they have to keep this all confidential. So why is my name and my photograph plastered all over the sports pages and the internet around the world? Just who put my name out there and what's their agenda? This is a matter I will get to the bottom of."