PESHAWAR - KPK CM Pervez Khattak has said that corruption is a social, moral and religious evil, which undermines social progress, breeds injustice, destroys opportunities, stifles economic growth and hampers all the efforts of govt aimed at institution building and improving public service delivery.

He said that to commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had decided to observe an Anti-Corruption Week from 9th to 14th December which would help a lot create awareness amongst all segments of society against the devastating effects of corruption.

In his message on International Anti-Corruption Day he has termed corruption as a social menace and said that unfortunately this menace of corruption is rampant in our society and if it goes on unchecked, it will destroy the very basis of our social fabrics. Corruption affects all segments of society, creates rampant inequalities and undermines good governance and human rights, said the chief minister and urged the need of coordinated, concerted, effective and result oriented efforts to eliminate the scourge of corruption from the society.  He reiterated his governments resolve against corruption and said that curbing corruption from the society specially the government machinery ranked very high on the agenda of the provincial government and from the very first day of inception it had declared a war on corruption.

Referring to the establishment of and independent, autonomous and impartial accountability commission and the enactment of the Right to Information law by the provincial government, he said that these legislative frameworks would help a great deal eliminate corruption and ensure transparency in the government machinery. Elimination of corruption from the society is a moral and religious obligation of all of us; and as such all segments of society will have to play their individual and collective role to fight the menace of corruption; Khattak stressed. He termed the role of media in curbing corruption as very important and said that the media should play its vital role in exposing corruption wherever it exists.

He urged upon the government functionaries, civil society, educational institutions media and all segment of society to put their hands together to make this Anti-Corruption Week a real success in terms of raising maximum awareness against corruptions so that we could move forwards towards the creation of a corruption free society where corruption is exposed and rejected.

, where integrity prevails and where the future of our next generation is bright and safe.