LAHORE - The Lesco had conducted over 10 to 12 hours loadshedding in several areas of the City on Sunday.

The spokesperson of the company was not available to inform about the reason behind such outages. However, the sources said that Lesco had shut down different city feeders on the pretext of maintenance. Those areas which faced more than 10 hours consecutive outages were: Mozang, Islampura, Shamnagar, Raj Garh, Riwaz Garden, Sanda, Jane Mander, Samanabad, Chuburgi and other adjoining areas. Thousands of householders faced severe shortage of water and other problems due to shutdown.  Sources said that there was not a vast gap between demand and supply of electricity at national grid.

According to National Transmission and Dispatch Company Limited, the gap between demand and supply was mere 1000MW, which meant for maximum two to three hours overall load shedding. However, some urban and rural areas are facing more than six hours outages. There are reports that Pesco is conducting more than 12 hours load shedding in KPK. Similarly, areas of interior Sind, Southern Punjab and some parts of Balochistan are also under the grip of 10 hour outages in a day.

Sources said that areas of upper and central Punjab are comparatively facing less load shedding.