BAJAUR AGENCY - A person was killed when the rope of a locally made chairlift over Barang River broke in Memola area of tehisl Barang in Bajaur Agency on Sunday.

Eyewitness said that Janat Shah a local resident was coming to his home village Memola from Dargai by the chairlift when it lift suddenly broke and fell down in the river.

After the incident, the local people quickly rushed to the site and started rescue work; however, the locals said the body was not recovered till the filing of this report.

Meanwhile tribesmen of the area expressed concern over delay in reconstruction of Memola Dargai Bridge in the area.

Talking to reporters, they said that the bridge that was destroyed during the 2009 floods was the only source of communication between the people of Barang with Malkanad Agency.

They said that lack of proper source of communication in the area has badly affected the local people and over 30 persons had been died due to breaking of the homemade chairlift.