SADIQABAD - Police have refused to accompany the special magistrates while they visit bazaars and markets of Sadiqabad to take action against hoarders and profiteers thereby creating problems for the magistrates in collecting fines etc.

A total of 12 magistrates posted in Sadiqabad are active against the profiteers and hoarders but their visits to business points remain ineffective due to absence of policemen who are supposed to flank them during such visits.

A special magistrate was of the view that they have to face difficulties in receiving fines from shopkeepers for overcharging or other issues when they were not accompanied by policemen. Thus, the campaign is not serving the purpose and the target set by the government is also not being achieved, he said.

He added that before such visits, the magistrate requisition for the police force but they were not provided with the same. AGREEMENT FOR FLOUR PROVISON: In order to control the flour price and for continuous provision of the commodity at markets and Sahulat bazaars in Sadiqabad, the flour mills owners and the administration have reached an agreement.

As per the agreement, at such bazaars, flour bag of 20kg shall be sold at Rs765 while the same would sell at Rs785 in local market, said Assistant Commissioner M Farooq. He said that the flour mills would be bound to supplying required quantity of the commodity. He warned that the profiteers would be heavily fined and if the mills remain failed to ensure the supply, a strict action also be taken against them.

Addressing a meeting summoned to review prices of flour, the AC said that the quality and quantity of flour be ensured at all costs. Those present there also included Market Committee Chairman and Flour Mills Association President Talib Hussain, other traders’ leaders Javed Iqbal, In’am Bari, M Akmal, Sajjad and Assistant Food Controller Manzoor Ahmad. Talib Hussain claimed that there was no shortage of flour in Sadiqabad and the four mills were supply high quality flour to the shopkeepers.

On the other side, a senior police officer listening to complaints of the local people at his office in Sadiqabad said that the provision of timely justice for the aggrieved people was his top priority. Superintendent of Police Circle Zeshan Shafiq Siddiqi also directed his subordinates to investigate cases on merit and play a vital role for provision of justice to the complainants.

He also warned that no negligence in the regard would be tolerated. He asked the police officials to compassionately treat the complainants at police stations. He said that the police would give in to no influence or pressure regarding the provision of justice.