ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has carried out more than 115 raids in its efforts to curb grey telephony, causing billion of rupees losses to national kitty.

The Authority, during these raids conducted in collaboration with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) also confiscated 711 illegal gateways and other equipment.

Official sources at PTA Sunday said against menace of illegal traffic, the regulator also further strengthened the process of monitoring with installation of Grey Traffic Monitoring System (GMTS).

The newly deployed Monitoring System is monitoring Internet Protocol (IP) bandwidth to detect and block illegal international incoming voice calls to save loss incurred to national exchequer.

The sources said in general, grey traffic can be defined as use of illegal gateway exchanges to bypass legal gateways and terminate or originate international traffic, through VoIP gateways to avoid applicable taxes or regulatory fee.

They said for efficient utilisation of newly deployed system, PTA has further narrowed down the whitelisting of IP addresses being used for legal services.

In this context, they said all IP addresses which are not registered with PTA are being considered as black listed IPs and being blocked with immediate effect.

The IP addresses of authorised telecom users like International Clearing House (ICH), Call Centers, Video Conferencing etc. are being whitelisted in the monitoring system, the sources added.

Meanwhile, the sources said all the companies authorized to bring international incoming calls to Pakistan have also been advised to get their IP addresses whitelisted by contacting PTA as this process would help them use services without any interruption.

They said if IP addresses are not reported to PTA for whitelisting as per the prescribed procedure, the regulator would block without any further notice.

Moreover, legal action can also be initiated against the companies involved in use of IP addresses for termination of any sort of international incoming calls as per provision of laws of the land.

Meanwhile, the regulator, since deployment of Grey Traffic Monitoring  System has blocked more than 0.2 IP addresses, around 1400 mobile SIMs and 3200 phones and devices through their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers.

In addition, the PTA had launched round the clock complaint centre where complainants can lodge their complaints through email, toll free phone and fax and free SMS. They can report numbers in case of any local number appears when receiving an international call.  The Authority, through this facility, has received more than 2000 complaints.