This is in reference to reports that European Union (EU) is demanding that Pakistan should condemn Russia over its role in the Ukraine. In this regard, firstly, the EU must ask India (the darling of the western world) to condemn Russia over its role in the Ukraine and then EU may demand any statement from Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan may also demand that EU should first ask India to honour its commitment, made in the UNO, regarding Kashmir before they wish any statement from Pakistan. EU must also condemn India in its role in the dismemberment of Pakistan, by invading the then East Pakistan, before EU can criticise Russia, over its invasion of Ukraine. What is good for the gander should also be good for the goose.

Pakistan had told the world, way back in 1971, that if the rule of ‘might is right’ was accepted, then it should be ready for more such invasions, from stronger nations on its smaller neighbours. Now why such a hullabaloo, on Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has the same excuse of invitation from the pro-Russian population, as was the case in the East Pakistan’s Indian sponsored insurgency,?


Lahore, December 5.