Recent reduction in price of petroleum was a good initiative and the public was hopeful that this would decrease the prices of transport fares and many food items but nothing happened. I will only highlight the issue of transport fares, as I travel by public transport. As petrol price was reduced by Rupees 19, while diesel reduced by 16 Rupees, in last two months, after this announcement, new and reduced transport fares were also released by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA), but drivers and conductors are still charging the old fares.

The transport mafia has united in fleecing passengers even rickshaw and taxi drivers. Though the government is planning to reduce petroleum prices again, there is no chance that the transporters will charge according to new fares list so this has actually helped no one. Does the government remain helpless in implementing the laws they make, or is all this done just on paper and for show with no real relief given to common man?


Islamabad, December 3.