A few rich families of Pakistan use the Government to steal from the people. There are stories of ex-government employees and ex-bank directors, taking out huge loans and than getting those written off, but there have not been many examples of how they use industries and food to cheat Pakistanis. The sugar industry of has colluded and used the media to methodically cheat people, the government and the farmers of Pakistan for decades. Now with prices so low there is a surplus of sugar in the world which has resulted in prices falling to Rs 38 per kilo but in Pakistan we are still paying Rs 53, because the sugar industry has forced the Government to set a minimum sale price. The sugar industry has also used their power to convince the government to impose 20% duty on imported sugar, so that no one in Pakistan can avail the benefits of low sugar prices.

Recently the Sindh Government, on the demand of Sindh sugar mills reduced the provincial sugarcane price to Rs 155 per 40 kilo, because the mill owners claim that they can only convert 8.5% of sugar cane to sugar. With this white lie they have forced the Government to force the farmers to sell sugarcane at extremely low rates, but any chemical engineer knows, that sugar mills conversion rate is actually 13.5%. So the sugar mills are actually making 5% or 2kg more sugar per 40kg sugarcane, that is Rs 100 that they are taking away from the farmers and also not paying any tax on this profit. Who but our open corrupt politicians could be helping.

At his point one has to ask what is the benefit of having a sugar industry in Pakistan? The farmers of Pakistan are not benefiting, the people of Pakistan are not benefiting and neither is the Government? Only the sugar mill owners are benefitting. The sugar industry claims that they employee hundreds of workers at low wages, but are these jobs worth 91 billion rupees every year? That is why industrialist and businessmen should not be allowed to become politicians. Let’s work together to highlight this duplicity of sugar mill owners, who are mostly politicians, so that we may change Pakistan into a better and developed nation.


Peshawar, December 7.