Shocked on San Bernardino shooting and subsequent killing of the suspected shooters in a mysterious police action, the students of Pharmacy department, a couple of whom attended D Pharmacy classes with the alleged shooter Tashfeen Malik, believed that a new conspiracy had been hatched against Pakistan to pressurise it on different issues.

"The way the issue is being reported by the American media indicates that intentional attempts are being made to shift the shooting blame to a woman, who is Pakistani and who studied at a Pakistani institution, from an American Pakistani who was born in USA and who studied at American institutions," suspected the students while talking to The Nation on Tuesday.

"A girl who dreamed to be a scientist could not commit such a heinous crime against humanity. It's a conspiracy to prevent Pakistan from forging ties with Russia and building Pak-China Economic Corridor. They (the Americans) also want access to our nuclear programme," said an MPhil student Ms R, who requested anonymity for security reasons. Recalling the time they spent together during D Pharmacy, she disclosed that Tashfeen Malik had a strong tendency to do research for discovering medicinal drugs. "She was an ordinary eastern girl, who knew nothing about the guns and killings. The blames are just rubbish," she maintained.

At least 14 persons were killed and 21 injured in a shooting incident at San Bernardino, California last Wednesday. Police killed one Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik in another shooting while they were in their car. The police claimed that the couple committed the shooting as the woman Tashfeen had committed allegiance to ISIS head. Tashfeen's family had migrated from Karor Laal Eesan, Layyah District, to Saudia Arabia some 25 years back. However, she returned to Pakistan in 2007 and studies in Pharmacy Department of Bahauddin Zakariya University till 2012.

The way the issue is being reported by the elite American newspapers also supports students' suspicion that attempts are being made to shift the blame on a Pakistani woman.

For instance, the Los-Angeles Times reported that the co-workers in the public health department never found Farook a biased or fanatic. "He never struck me as a fanatic; he never struck me as suspicious," the paper reported Griselda Reisinger, a co-worker as saying. Instead, the paper quoted shooter's fellow inspectors Patrick Baccari and Christian Nwadike as describing him "a tall, thin well-liked young man, who spent a lot of time in the field."

Citing the examples of past mass shooters, another American newspaper The Washington Post reported that Farook was very different from other shooters. The paper pointed out that unlike the shooters, who uploaded their photos with guns and masks on their facebook pages, Farook and his wife did not leave a digital trail that could point to their motives.

Talking to this scribe another student Rizwan from Pharmacy Department said that the incident took place in USA while the mental torture was to be borne by the students of Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU). "Do the brigades of the International media invade the American and European institutions the same way they did to the BZU? What is the fault of BZU or Pakistan in this tragedy?" he posed question.

"There is no footage, no picture showing her (Tashfeen) brandishing any gun or killing people. Even after killing her alongside her husband, they did not show any gun recovered from their car," he pointed out. He said that Tashfeen was a position-holder student, who used to help other students in preparing their notes.

A professor at the department Dr Syed Nisar Hussain Shah told The Nation that Tashfeen used to take her studies very seriously. "She was very intelligent with a good sense of humour. I remember her because I helped her out in getting resolved a hostel issue," he added. He said that the department or teachers never received any complaint against her.