Islamabad: Countries participating and supporting Istanbul Process have reaffirmed their commitment to respect independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan.

Representing views of their countries at the Heart of Asia Conference in Islamabad today, Foreign Ministers and heads of delegations also supported reconciliation process in Afghanistan and strengthening of regional connectivity.

Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi called upon all sides in Afghanistan to resume peace talks at an early date in the larger interest of the country.

He referred to the first round of Afghan Government-Taliban direct talks co-sponsored by Pakistan, China and the United States and described it as the most positive and meaningful process that needs to be pushed ahead.

The Chinese Foreign Minister called upon the international community to respect Afghanistan's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and honour its commitment to help Afghanistan strengthen its capacity to develop and promote its security.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said his country will continue to work to create better understanding between Pakistan and Afghanistan for durable peace in the region. He said terrorism, drug trafficking and human smuggling are serious threats to the region.

Iranian Foreign Minister Jawwad Zarif said terrorism, extremism and narcotics continue to threaten Afghanistan, the region and the whole world. He emphasized the need to disrupt linkage between terrorist network and narcotics as drugs constitute significant sources of funding for terror.

He said Iran believes in safe, stable and secure Afghanistan as this will be in the interest of the region and beyond.

Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj stated that her country is committed to peace, stability and development of Afghanistan.   

She used the platform to highlight India's aspiration to have an overland trade access through Pakistan to Afghanistan and Central Asia. She also reiterated India's desire to become a party to the Transit Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Referring to relations with Pakistan, she maintained it is time the two countries display maturity and self-confidence to do business with each other and strengthen regional trade and cooperation.

She said India is ready to work with Afghanistan to strengthen its defence capability.She said Afghan faces danger from terrorists and not tribes.

Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani said Pakistan and Afghanistan are vital to each other for peace, stability and prosperity. He called for a collective strategy for uprooting the menace of terrorism and extremism that threaten peace and security.

Foreign Minister of Kyrgystan Abdyldaev Erlan Bekeshovs said terrorism and violence present urgent challenges and there is need to put aside our disagreements and work together under the auspices of UN and other international organizations to defeat terrorism and extremism.

He said that apart from fighting terrorism, we should also focus on measures to prevent it.

Tajik Foreign Minister Aslov Sirojidin Muhridinovich said lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan requires assistance in tackling economic and social problems. He proposed that the Conference should identify concrete projects for economic development of Afghanistan and regional connectivity.

He also called for fast-track implementation of CASA-1000 project. 

Latvian Foreign Minister said we should redouble our individual and collective efforts to ensure a stable and lasting peace in Afghanistan. He urged the international community to increase economic and financial assistance for Afghanistan.

US Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said all the world countries stand by Afghanistan against terrorists. He urged global community to increase financial support for Afghan security forces.

Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister said Islam is a religion of peace and respects human life and dignity. He said Saudi Arabia was among the first countries to have launched a campaign to fight terrorism and protect its people.