ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) yesterday demanded of the Sindh government to extend stay of Rangers in Karachi ‘to take the paramilitary force-led operation in the metropolitan city to its logical end’.

PTI Parliamentary Party in a meeting expressed grave concern over the delay by the Sindh govt in extending the tenure of the Rangers operation in Karachi.

“The fact of the matter is that the Rangers operation in Karachi has successfully reduced target killings, extortion and terrorism in Karachi. In the wake of the LG elections it has become abundantly clear that the Rangers’ operation has not been targeted against any political party,” said Dr Shireen Mazari, Chief Whip of PTI in the National Assembly after the meeting.

Dr Mazari said that the parliamentary party was unanimous in demanding that this operation should continue to its logical conclusion as the people of Karachi were just beginning to lead a more normal life. However, the struggle against terrorists and mafias is not yet over as reflected in the recent killings of military and Rangers’ personnel. If the operation is halted prematurely, then all the gains made so far are likely to be lost.

She said that the parliamentary party in the meeting reaffirmed its complete opposition to the privatisation of PIA till PIA employees were satisfied. The parliamentary party made clear that the failure of PIA is not related to so-called “over staffing” of workers but the appointment of incompetent corrupt officials to head these organisations.