islamabad - Beaconhouse Newlands Islamabad (BNI) has celebrated Universal Children’s Day within its premises with the aim of creating awareness and tolerance among its students about cultural differences among themselves and their social responsibility towards the under-privileged students.

The celebration for the event continued throughout the day and was marked by cultural activities. The purpose of this celebration was to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide, according to the school administration.

The different activities included tree plantation, puppet show on personal hygiene, face painting, balloon bursting, aiming the darts and talent show. The students of all the levels along the teaching staff of the school participated in these activities.

The students brought their old toys, clothes and books to donate to the under-privileged children. BNI is donating all these to an orphanage known as ‘Humara Ghar’.

“We are trying to make special efforts to inform children to think about the differences between themselves and the others and their responsibility towards the underprivileged children,” said a senior teacher of the school.

A senior teacher of the school also lectured the students about the concepts of tolerance and compassion associated with the Universal Children’s Day.