FF LOS ANGELES - DJ Khaled has admitted he avoids looking Beyoncé in the eyes when he is with her because he is so ‘’starstruck’’ by the R&B superstar.

The ‘Do You Mind’ hitmaker supported the 35-year-old beauty on her ‘Formation World Tour’ earlier this year, but he has admitted he tried to avoid eye contact with the ‘Crazy in Love’ singer because he was so overwhelmed being in the superstar’s presence, although he had no problem getting along with her rapper husband Jay Z backstage.

During an appearance on US TV show ‘The View’, he said: ‘’I’m starstruck and shy. It’s Beyonce!

‘’I got a chance to tour with her and open up for her show in sold out stadiums.

‘’When I’m onstage I’m not shy at all, but offstage, when I go in my dressing room and talk to my brother, Jay Z, and I see Beyonce there, I’m like, (looking at the floor). I look at Jay Z the whole time I’m talking to him, and then I try to leave right away, like, ‘Yo, I gotta go...’ I just get real (nervous). That’s Beyonce! That’s like Michael Jackson to me.’’

After their tour together, the 41-year-old producer - whose real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled - penned a note to thank Beyoncé for making his ‘’dreams come true’’.

He wrote: ‘’A THANK YOU LETTER TO @beyonce and hive and fan luv ... Dreams come true Don’t ever let ‘’they’’ tell you you can’t do it. They told me I would never tour. Well I just finished touring with the biggest artist walking the planet. They told me I would never touch a stage in a high school arena. Well I just finished touching the stage in every stadium in every major city in America. Dreams come true. But you have to work hard, you gotta work very hard!!! In order to stand beside the icon @beyonce You gotto work hard for over 25 years and dedicate your blood sweat and tears to making your dreams a reality.

‘’I want to thank Beyoncé for putting me on stage in front of a stadium full of loyal fans of the Hive and Fan luv! Dreams come true. Momma I made it!!! Fan luv we did it. We showed THEY that nothing can stop us if we move with a clean heart and a clear purpose. (sic)’’