Islamabad - The prevailing long dry spell in most areas of the country, including the federal capital has increased the skin and throat related diseases manifold among the people in general and the children in particular.

A report aired by a private news channel, a large number of people with their children were seen in hospitals with complaints of cough, flu, soar-throat, chest infection, pneumonia and diarrhoea.

Health experts have advised the citizens, especially children, to wear warm clothes to save themselves from flu-related diseases.

They have also advised the parents not to overheat the children and make them wear sweaters and other warm cloths as sometimes overheating is not good.

According to them, dry winters in Pakistan adversely affect people with dust allergy.

Chest Specialist Dr Aftab Akhtar said it was natural for people to suffer from itchy eyes, nose allergies and chest infections during prolonged dry spells.

The smog like conditions also increases cases of children suffering from asthma, he said. Patients suffering from respiratory problems must wear masks, he added.

He maintained that hospital has seen surge in the number of patients suffering from seasonal diseases and children have been affected most.

Asif Waqas a visitor in local hospital said that he brought his two children in for check up, as their fever increased after chest infection.