KAMALIA - The traffic management across Kamalia tehsil is very poor and inadequate to deal with the increasing mess on roads and subsequent mishaps, which often result in loss of precious lives.

Social figure and CEO Jutt Poultry Traders Ch Tahir Jutt stated while talking to the media persons here the other day.

He stressed that speed breakers and stop signs must be placed at Kamalia Bypass, Chichawatni Road and all other roads.

Accidents have become a common sight at these places and the subsequent loss of human lives in traffic accidents is irreparable.

Local politicians are allocating billions of rupees for many large projects but this important problem has ignored altogether.

He demanded that tractor-trolleys, carrying sugarcane must not be let enter the city during day time and restricted only to bypass road. He stressed that traffic police officers must be bound to stay on the road 24 hours at these points, and take stern action against traffic rules violators. He regretted that underage drivers are abundant in the city while no one is willing to stop them. Mr Jutt pointed out that the establishment of Rickshaw stands and removal of road-side encroachments are major issues that cause accidents, demanding that the issues must be resolved urgently.