TOBA TEK SINGH - In the midst of tough contest between the PML-N groups, the party high command has decide to field former MPA Masood Gadhi, brother of sitting MPA Ayub Gadhi, for the slot of Toba district council chairman.

Both the ‘warring’ groups in the party - MNA Junaid Anwaar and MNA Asadur Rehman, were trying to get the party ticket for their candidates.

However, the other group led by MNA Asadur Rehman has nominated Fauzia Warraich, wife of MNA Khalid Javed Warraich as candidate for the seat of DC’s chairman.

On the other hand, sources informed that candidates for the slots of two vice chairmen of the district council will be nominated by Asadur Rehman group’s two MPAs - Abdul Qader Awan and Pir Ali Baba.

Similarly, the party has decided to award ticket for the slot of chairman Pirmahal Municipal committee to Ch Khalid Sardar and vice chairman to Ch Sultan Ahmad. Both the candidates belong to MNA Ch Asadur Rehman and MPA Pir Ali Baba-led group.

In Kamalia, MPA Begum Nazia Raheel has decided to field Malik Muhammad Sharif for the slot of MC chairman. However, decision about the candidates for the slot of vice chairman has not been made so far. It is to be noted that MPA Nazia group enjoys a clear majority in the Kalmia MC.

For the chairman Gojra MC, PML-N MNA Khalid Warraich and MPA Qadir Awan have decided that half of the term of chairman will be enjoyed by Mian Muhammad Islam and the next half term by Mian Umair. The group has nominated Malik Nazim Hussain for the seat of Gojra MC vice chairman. The group enjoys clear majority in the Gojra MC.

Similarly in MC Toba, there will be a tough contest between the PML-N and PTI. Earlier, the PTI had 21 councillors and the PML-N 19 in the 40-member house but later a PTI councillor Mian Atif defected from his part7y and joined the PML-N group two days ago. Now both the parties have 20 councillors each in the house and have not announced their candidates for both the chairman and vice chairman slots of the Toba MC so far.