LAHORE -  Adviser to Prime Minister for National History and Literary Heritage Irfan Siddiqui has claimed that there is no rift between the civil and military leadership as portrayed by some quarters

He was speaking at the launching ceremony of a thematic calendar at a local hotel yesterday. Political will was behind operation Zarb-e-Azb that was collectively carried out by people, government and army to eliminate terrorism, he held.

He said transfer of command to successor of Gen Raheel Sharif after completing three year term showed the level of understanding between civil and military leadership.

The thematic calendar on history of Pakistan was launched by Jahan-e-Masiha Adbi Forum (JMAF) in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company to apprise people, especially medical fraternity and students about struggle and sacrifices for Pakistan.

Senior literary personalities and doctors including Khwaja Razi Haider, Prof Fareed Zafar, Prof SajidMaqbool, Prof Tariq Waseem, Prof Zohra Khanam, Prof Asma Gul, Syed Jamshed Ahmed and Dr Iqbal Ahmed also addressed the ceremony.

Irfan Siddiqui said that of Operation Zarb-e-Azb was not a military decision alone, instead it was launched with the political will of the present government and carried out by the government, army and people of Pakistan collectively.

“No such operation was carried out in the Musharraf era and five year tenure of PPP. It was the political will of this government that resulted in the launching of a joint operation,” he claimed.

Without referring to political opponents, former columnist said decision of majority should be respected, considered as final and accepted by all quarters, saying it is the people of Pakistan who would decide whether the government is good or bad.

“People would decide who would rule the country, but not before the appropriate time,” he said, indicating that elections would be held as per schedule and people would decide whether to change the government or they were satisfied with its performance.

Terming the launch of thematic calendar as a good effort, he said it was an “ideological tonic”, prepared by a pharmaceutical company with the help of some literary personalities and should be followed by other medicine firms in the country also.

“My ministry is poor and don’t have huge financial resources at our disposal. You people have taken out a masterpiece in form of thematic calendar and I would urge you to collaborate with us also in preparing more such valuable, historic masterpieces,” he said.

He also expressed sorrow and grief over loss of 48 lives in PIA plane crash including death of preacher and former signer Junaid Jamshed, saying entire nation is mourning the loss of precious lives in an unfortunate incident.

Jahan-e-Masiha Adbi Forum chief organiser Khawaja Razi Haider said they were brining thematic calendars for last 17 years in order to promote literature, habit of reading and promote ideology of Pakistan. He maintained that their target audience was the medical fraternity and doctors, who had become machines due to their hectic schedule and way of life.

“By bringing out this calendar regularly for last 17 years, we have no monetary benefits. We are doing purely for the society, our friends in the field of medicine and common people as part of our social responsibility,” said Chief Operating Officer of the Pharmevo Syed Jamshed Ahmed.  Dozens of doctors and physicians as well as pharmacists from various hospitals and health facilities attended the thematic calendar launch.