VEHARI - People held a demonstration against the police over its failure to control gambling across the Punjab province on the matches of ongoing Bangladesh Premier League.

The residents including Ashraf, Khalid, Nadeem, Abdullah, Adnan, Ali and others protested against police, saying that a lot of gambling dens are going on even in the streets.

Police failed to take any action against the gamblers, big gambling dens are running under the nose of men from police. It is a big challenge for Vehari DPO Malik Umer Saeed because gamblers are a well organised across the district and allegedly being patronised by the police officials and politicians, they said.

Police sources said that gamblers are not alone in gambling as some political figures are involved in practice, they said.

Citizens said that Chaudhry Hafeez is the biggest gambler and FIRs were registered against him but he has become master Bukia in Vehari District with police protection. Gamblers are promoting over 50 gambling dens in the district but no action is taken by the police against them.

They said that corrupt policemen are on the payroll of gamblers and have shares in their gambling network; these gambling parties also have influential people from business sector, govt departments and politics who act as patrons. Gamblers run a very complicated network and its dismantling requires strong will, they said.

Lawyers, traders, social activists and citizens protest against the activities of gamblers and the police indifference towards their activities. They urged to IG police and RPO Multan to take a note of the police inefficiency and order stringent measures to uproot gambling dens in Vehari district.