KARACHI: Sindh Rangers on Friday arrested at least five workers of the Mutahida Quami Movement (MQM) London from the Liaquat Ali Khan roundabout in Azizabad.

Workers of the MQM-London attempted to visit the ‘Yadgar-e-Shuhada’ (Martyrs Monument) located in Jinnah Ground when they were barred by the Rangers due to security reasons.

The infuriated MQM-London workers protested over the decision at the Liaquat Ali Khan roundabout, and hurled party flags and wall chalking in the area. They also raised slogans in support of the MQM founder and against the Rangers.

Many workers also climbed the Liaquat Ali Khan roundabout and were later taken into custody by Rangers. The roundabout previously known as ‘Mukka Chowk’ holds great political significance for the MQM.

A large contingent of police has also been deployed in the area. This created a severe traffic jam in the area and all roads leading to Azizabad have been closed.

Female activists of the MQM-London also gathered forcing their way towards the Jinnah Ground insisting to hold ‘fateha’ over there. They also started recitations of the Holy Quran on the main road which was allowed by the Rangers.

Many workers have also gathered at the nearby “Allahwali” roundabout where Rangers are also present to prevent anyone from reaching the Jinnah Ground. Consequently, many party workers decided to stage a sit on the road leading from Ayesha Manzil to ‘Yadgar-e-Shuhada.’

MQM- London workers also clashed with the Rangers in Hyderabad outside the ‘Pukka Qilla’ ground. Many workers managed to enter the ground despite the presence of a large contingent of police and Rangers.