RAWALPINDI: Traffic Police which had been understaffed in Rawalpindi city has suffered another shock with the transfer of 80 wardens to other cities. The available strength with traffic police in Rawalpindi was 686 but the officials managed the traffic. The situation became more precarious with the transfer of 80 wardens to different cities of Punjab.

 The traffic wardens have also been deployed in all the Tehsils of Rawalpindi district but the sanctioned strength could not be filled leading to difficulties for the available strength. 

 Sources said that for rural areas, one DSP, six inspectors, 200 wardens and 70 junior traffic wardens strength was sanctioned but no recruitment was made against this strength. In addition 259 wardens left the service or were dismissed from service leading to further depletion in the strength. The approved strength of 100 inspectors was never filled as there are still 75 posts of inspector lying vacant. 

 Despite shortage of the traffic staff, it has been learnt that 70 wardens have been transferred from Rawalpindi for Orange Line project in Lahore, five wardens have been sent to Gujranwala and five to Sialkot.

 This has led to acute shortage of traffic staff and as a result, there are massive traffic jams in congested areas of the city leading to verbal clashes between the drivers.