Kandkkot - Kandhkot is faced with severe shortage of gas these days, as winter is slowly and slowly setting in.

There is no sufficient gas from the word go to heat homes, schools and offices and cook food. Most of the times, the gas supply remains suspended.

People of different areas have started purchasing gas cylinders to cook food and boil water. Many people complain that gas supply remains suspended during breakfast, lunch and dinner timings.

Residents of Kandhkot city complained to The Nation on Thursday that the energy crisis had a taken a toll on their routine life.

They said that shortage of gas had forced them to buy food from markets and restaurants.

They demanded from the government to take note of low pressure of gas in their areas.

When contacted, the SSGC official said, “We have received many complaints of low pressure. But the problem is we are not getting required pressure due to cold weather. Demand for gas has risen in the last week or so.”