I am a student of matric and at this stage I have realized that how much disturbance corruption can cause to our country but the ones who are corrupt never understand. We can find corrupt people in each and every institution or department. Due to corruption the students are suffering as well. How?

The answer can be found in every school, college or university. It is for sure that the educational institutions get millions of funds for the buildings, students, tours and picnics. This money is never reached to the students’ concern or to the students.

Since the beginning till now I’ve never witnessed a single day when the students have got something from our school administration. I had thought this is the problem with our school only but when I put a glance to the universities and colleges, they are also not better. Schools may get less but the colleges and universities get trillions of rupees annually, from which a small amount may get spent on the students but most of that is distributed among the authorities.

Students are the future of a nation. They are the upcoming generation. If they see the condition of their teachers who are fully mingled with corruption, they will never follow them when they get the chance. It is the responsibility of the teachers or headmasters to be honest with their duties and stop the students from being the victim of corruption.